Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On the run

I drew up this character illustration of the Jewish king David with his seasoned warriors. These guys were being hunted by the current king of Israel, Saul, at this point in their lives. As they ran they often hid in caves and ravines and I drew them in a setting like that where perhaps some ambushes had occurred in the past, hence the bones.


Darnell said...

This is Awesome! Are you going to illustrate more of King David's story? The bible has a lot of story that will be great to illustrate.

Brian Miller said...

Amazing work, b. I want to see your take on every story in scripture.

Anonymous said...

Thanks b!

Thanks Darnell! I did two other illustrations for the books of Samuel but they didn't turn out. I'm done for now. These stories have been illustrated so much it's hard to bring something new to be table.


Darnell said...

Yeah, its challenging to present them in a new and interesting way.