Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Local Watering Hole

I have this feeling my blog has died, either from neglect, blogger dried up or the art got boring. So here's a new concept. First I have an initial sketch that was rejected:

Then the approved concept and a night version:

Followed by a detail of the back lodging area and it's night equivalent:

And the indoor/outdoor patio:

After the concepts are done I like to follow up with the artist building the designs by doing paint overs of the space as it's being built. This better helps guide the production artist towards the AD's vision or my own and also towards the quality level we're looking for. This collaborative process is a lot of fun and very rewarding.

On another note, this guy is great. He has some character concepts a few pages back that I just love. He has embraced that graphic style that I can't get enough of:


Lars Otterclou said...

superb work as usual, sir!
i´m definitely checkin´ in regularly for the awesome images and great artist tips.

keep inspiring!

Barret said...

Definitely not dried up at all. Love your recent posts. It's always a pleasure to see updates from you.

Brian Miller said...

Mmm - I enjoy seeing these longer posts with lots of behind the scenes looks! You amaze.

I've often wondered how Blogger fares these days against sites like Tumblr, especially with Google deciding to axe Reader (which was the main tool I used to follow blogs).

Either way, definitely not a problem with your art!

Matt Rhodes said...

This is great! I was just thinking that when our next game is done I'd like to post some of this nitty-gritty work. People mostly just see the high-profile, polished pieces and it tends to glamorize concept art. It's rarely pretty, but paintovers are a HUGE part of bringing the art of a game together. It doesn't hurt that these look awesome too, of course. And yeah, keep blogging.

Sam Nielson said...

I'm still following. I'm just super lame about commenting.

C.Deboda said...

Still here, still following. Nothing like a long process post to revive the ol' blog. :)

Hethe Srodawa said...

Good to hear from you guys! What I noticed was not that comments were down but that traffic was waaaaay down. People just don't seem to be coming by to even take a look. I'm lame at commenting as well, no worries. I know tumbler and twitter have become more popular but I'm still partial to the blogger format. Tumbler is too impersonal for me and twitter seems complex to get organized information from.

BTW, a few of you guys I don't know and it's a pleasure to meet you (in this limited capacity). Thanks for the encouragement.

Hernan Ahmed said...

your so awesome and inspirationall !

Anonymous said...

I love the first concept rejected