Monday, February 1, 2010

One Year

My youngest is turning a year old and I did this of her. A bit different than the one I did of my oldest a few years back. In other news we released another gameplay trailer for Red Dead, this one highlighting the weapons and combat.


geeshin said...

Looks great, Hethe! Looks very Disney'esque to me. Have a great week!

shelly wan said...

Hey Heather,got my mail~~~~???

You are right!! it's really different from Maddy's! Is Eve turning out to be a Tomboy...? :D Hahaha.

Jeremy Elder said...

I love it! I am glad the cat doesn't mind the torment. All the best birthday wishes from Evan and me.

shane said...

I dig it bro! real clean, and I agree with what geeshin said, it's got that animation look to it.
does she really have a tooth stickin out like that?