Wednesday, August 27, 2008

River of Tears

As a young boy I lived far from here at the base of a very large mountain. From the peaks of the mountain a river flowed down into our valley. A saltwater river. The elders said that at the top of the mountain was a tower and in it sat a princess who wept day and night, waiting for her prince to come rescue her. Until that happens her tears will flow down the mountain and through our valley.

Ya Tom, the texture is a bit gimmicky. For those that asked it's just the stupid texturizer filter with some pattern loaded in. I bet there's a way to make it look more natural ...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Urban Jungle

Another silly warmup sketch because I want to be a good painter someday. Somebody mentioned ArtRage which I'm totally going to purchase but I'm using photoshop right now.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Enchanted: The Story of How We Met

Color Block-In
Value Block-In

So I wrapped this piece up as you can see. Alas, yet again my artwork failed to live up to the hopes I had in the beginning. However, this piece went much smoother and faster and is in my estimation a much better piece technically than my last so I'm excited to have finished it and excited to move on. I'm going to submit this and the last illustration (the kids on the tank) to Spectrum this year and hope they make it in. We'll see. They take submissions around December I think. So anyway, this piece is about and inspired by my wife and the word that best describes how I feel about her: Enchanted. I'm going to tell my children when they're older that this is how their mother and I met and that they come from royal fairy blood. So that's it for finished stand-alone illustrations for a while. I'm moving back to my comic and the occasional sketches so stay posted. Next comic con I'll have a publication with my comic and some sketches and paintings in it thanks to the magic of internet publishing. I'm gonna try a few venues out. Lulu sounds promising. I'll also be selling some prints. Ok, until the next post!