Friday, May 23, 2008

Sketching away ...

Thanks for the comments everybody. I had a couple of technical questions so I'll answer them here. I usually sketch in photoshop or on paper and I always paint in photoshop. Today's batch of sketches were drawn in photoshop. The demo I'm doing this saturday will be in photoshop and I'll be sure to post up what I go over. Somebody asked what size I work and that really depends on the piece or sketch. I always set my canvas to 300 dpi and then pick a size that feels appropriate, as small as 2"x3" to as big as 11"x17". About the same sizes I'd create on paper. I don't go bigger because the computers I use don't handle it well and I've found that I can make prints look ok at double that size, and that's plenty big enough for illustration.


Carlos Ranna said...

Love the characters! Specially the "F" boy!

Anonymous said...

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Jose Darias said...

Hi Hethe, i like the sketch , and the wolfman too.
.About your question , i draw my sketchs on "Alias SketchBook " (you can find it at emule)

congratulations for your work!

i have linke you!

Mauro D´Elia Matheus said...

Your work is AMAZING ! Lovely colors !
I wish i was half as talent as you.

Anonymous said...

Looks good Hethe, keep it up!

I hope you and the family are doing well out there in SD! I miss the weather out there, not to mention all my buds too!

If you've got AIM or something, lemme know. I'd love to catch up with you!


carolita said...

Hey there! Your line is amazing!

Is it just because I use a really old Wacom tablet that I don't seem able to get as lovely and fluent a line using photoshop as you do? I always draw on paper, and then scan and color in. I find my stylus very rebellious, sometimes not quite calibrated to my movements, seems to veer off in ways I don't expect sometimes!

What do you use? I'm amazed how very like a regular pencil and paper your lines look!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Hethe. Your creature is amazing.The expression and body posture is creative. You really feel the personality within your character design. Beautiful job.