Friday, May 16, 2008

Enchanted pool

So I found out the demo I'm doing at the Art Institute of San Diego filled up rather quickly but it was also only for students of the school. However, if this goes well they've offered to have me do another for the public soon after. I hope this goes well. On another note I'm very excited because I've had some very cool opportunities arise, but I won't speak of those here. Suffice to say I feel rather blessed because I surely haven't done anything to deserve the life my maker's given me. I guarantee you that. But you know what? If God took it all away I'd still be blessed because I'd still have life in Him, and that lasts forever. All this here will eventually turn to dust.

I'm trying to be like one of my bosses with this new post but I failed. He's just too good for me to equal. But that only makes me push harder!

Somebody asked what 'advanced drawing' is in regards to the demo I was asked to do and to tell you the truth I have no idea. I think they spin it as an advanced drawing workshop to sell it as something above and beyond what the students are getting on a daily basis at the school. Helps sell tickets I'm guessing.


Jeremy Elder said...

Amen brotha. It is amazing how much God blesses every one of us if we stop and look at what we have been given.

Your piece definitely has a David Hong feel to it - did I guess right? I really love the motion. I can really see the water falling and the birds flying, hear the sound of rushing water, feel the cool breeze.

I can't wait to hear how the class went. Can you post your demo afterwards?

Jonathan said...

I've shown your blog to people at work and they were ALL asking for some video?

Ironically, you do have a class about to happen, so any type of demo would be fantastic....for them, not me :P

francisco said...

I just saw your blog for the first time, it is inspiring
Could you tell me what software you use and also the size of your drawings
keep poisting.....please

Jose Darias said...

amazing backgrounds , i hope can to do something similar one day

shaners said...

man... I'm so proud of you for your words. Thanks for keeping it real for me and everyone else who reads this Blog. You're gonna be blessed because of your attitude, not your skill.
"you have chosen... wisely"

by the way, love the new pieces, especially the lighting in the one with the girl in the room. The light on the floor is an amazing effect and adds a whle lot of realism!!!

Jose Darias said...

Beautiful,by the way , I just link you in my blog

Steve Chon said...

very nice piece, and a very nice blog! some inspirational stuff here, love your use of color. i'm a big fan.

Ramses said...

Fantastic colors, very inspired!

and the light looks great!

Anonymous said...

Looks really nice, love the colors : )

ChristinaF said...

your work is absolutely gorgeous. can't wait to see more!

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