Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Color sketches 2


Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS

So after the new year I took some time in Hawaii with my family and generally took a break from drawing/painting for a couple of weeks unless it was work related. Then work got really busy for me and I found myself working extra hours, leaving no time for personal art of any kind. I managed a few more color sketches about a month back and then I picked up a Nintendo DS to use as a color sketchbook. People, that thing is awesome! The color gamut of the screen is a bit limited but it's not bad. I'm just so happy that I can paint wherever I go. I mean, I've sketched for years and because of that learned a lot about form and line and drawing but color and light were always things that I neglected to a large degree. So, while my efforts aren't extraordinary by any means they're very valuable to me because the more times I can fail the closer I get to success. I'm just happy to be able to get that mileage now. Before I had to sit at my computer to work in color or if I were to paint traditionally I'd have to plan for it, carry around the paints, set up, clean up ... so in short it rarely happened. The DS fits into my life a whole lot better. I have this bad habit of using unsophisticated garish palettes. Must ... tame ... color!


frak said...

woo woo woo!! How do I get this for my DS? What game is it? Is it a hack? Do I need to work in the video game industry? Lemme know!

And beautiful as always!

Jonathan said...

Wow, Nintendo should hire you to sell the DS. I have such an impulse to buy one after seeing those sketches done on it! They're the best Ive seen from anyone working on a DS!!

Such inspirational stuff, Thank you for sharing!


Jeremy Elder said...

Dude, you are a flippin' genius. I never thought of doing that with my DS. How do you download the images?

I am glad to hear you had fun in Hawaii. How is your bro doing down south?

Ryan said...

I would also like to ask about the DS painting thing. I think James Kochalka mentioned using it, but he didn't say what "it" was either.

And Google is sooooooo far away!

Hethe Srodawa said...

Thanks guys and yes you are lazy google users. So here's the program:
It explains everything you need to know on the site for installation, all the equipment you need. Basically you need the DS, the adaptor cartridge with usb converter and the free software. The adaptor cartridge you can order online or sometimes get at walmart as something called 'Games'n'Music'.

Paul Holmes said...

These are all so super cool. Were do you get your reference? or are these all from your imagination? I especially like the contrast of pink and blue in a few of these. Color and lighting are things I need to work on.

Hethe Srodawa said...

These are from my imagination but I feed my imagination by studying lots and lots of reference, things like pictures, movies and the world around me. Like the jungle waterfall shot is something I remember from my recent trip to Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

These are all great !
Great colours and dynamic compositions .The step by steps above are very cool also . It's very cool to see how others approach stuff .
Beautiful work .

Cheers .

Sim .