Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lunch Special

As in I drew this while at lunch with some coworkers the other day. Not like I want to eat him. Sicko.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Harbinger of Doom

Ya right, by the time you see her coming your way you missed the harbinger and skipped to the doom. Better run. Evening doodle. I think I was inspired by Mignola. I've always liked his work but never purchased any Hellboys. My boss was like, what?, and let me borrow the one where it goes through Hellboy's origin and his faceoff against Rasputin. Good read, very cinematic. I just got back from lunch with some coworkers/bosses. We did the 'jungle cruise' lunch trek today where instead of taking the sidewalk up the street to the deli we cut behind the business park. This route takes us off the beaten and paved path and requires some crawling through bushes and scampering up and down hills. A friend of mine who used to work here used to do it in high heeled boots. She's very multi talented!

Cyborg Faries

Or something. I swear I'm working on my comic. I'll have some sketches to show soon. It's a hard process for me so sometimes it's nice to take a 30 min break and just doodle what comes naturally, what's easy for me. It's sort of a release when I'm focusing so intently on solving art and story problems that keep the creative output slow. This is a page I filled up over the last week when I needed breaks.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Two quick doodles because I needed a break from working on my comic. Just some skeezy characters maybe up to no good. Well, at least one of them. The color rough you might recognize from a sketch I posted months ago. I shrunk it down to the size you see here and toyed with some color on it.

School time

I go through these periods where I do lots of studies, whenever I get hung up on something and realize that I'm not going to find the answer somewhere deep inside my brain. It's like giving up and going back to the manual to be enlightened. Maybe 8 months ago or something I did these color studies from somebody else's good photography. I wish I'd been more careful in drawing these out and made some nice forms so that these were a little bit nicer to look at but I was only really concerned with the color and value dynamics when I did these.

About a month ago I did some horse drawings, just after I finished that sketch I posted a while back with the dude and horse outside the old castle. Some of these were studies and some were drawings of my own using what I learned in the studies. The painted up one started as a lineart study that I went back to and painted from memory/imagination. That right there was confirmation that studies like these are well worth my time. When you feel the information sticking and empowering you to create from your imagination it's like flying. It really is.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Self Portrait

Yesterday I participated in's international day of self portraiture. The only rule was that it had to be started and finished yesterday, sort of a snapshot in time. Ten years ago I did a self portrait at the end of high school where I had myself as sort of a synthetic being overgrown with plant life so I decided to visit that theme again. I'll try to dig up that old portrait. It's big so there are only like two places it could be in my house.