Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Monkey King

Another little cross studio challenge with Blue Sky. You can see their awesome entries here, and my fellow rockstar's smokin' entries here. A fun time was again had by all. Watch for a few more entires on both sites since the deadline isn't until friday night.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Something in the closet ...

This weeks creative challenge theme at work was monsters. I was sick this week and only had time for a page of sketches, all of it unreferenced. I say unreferenced because I didn't use reference and that my friends makes me very happy. One step closer to artistic freedom. I guess that's a quirk of mine.

So I saw Barnyard and loved it. While not an artistic achievement visually it was still a great movie. Heartfelt story, great message, hilarious characters and awesome music. Just a good comedy all around. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves quirky characters, comedy and stories of redemption.

On another note I got DuckTales, Talespin and Gummi Bears DVD collections for my birthday. Those cartoons are just as awesome as when I watched them as a kid!! I can't believe how incredible they are. I read recently that during the late eighties the animation industry was in a slump so feature film quality animators and artists were working on TV cartoons, hence the reason that these cartoons look so good. When I IMDB'd some of my favorite animation artists their credits included the expected Little Mermaid, Aladdin etc but also DuckTales. How awesome is that? They shaped me in so many ways and it is so cool that they won't be lost in my childhood anymore. More than that, now I can raise my kids on the same sweet stuff that inspired the artist I am today. Good times, good times.