Sunday, December 2, 2007


Glad you guys liked the last two sketches. I'm always trying my hardest to get better both artistically (what I'm saying, the emotive) and technically (the craft). It's so, so very hard I feel to do even one let alone both well. Been working slowly in some of my off time on my story Carnivale de la Sangre. Here are some color sketches where I'm trying to find my way. I went about this story really weird. So it's my own script but I'm still having a hard time visualizing it. For some reason when I write I come at things from a character's emotional perspective, like what is felt and said ... not exactly what is seen. I didn't notice this until I sat down to visualize this project. So anyway, I'm having a hard time solidifying these 'feelings' into actual places to paint but I'm making progress. Some of these images are more successful than others but each has something in it that is a marker for what I want to achieve at the end of this.