Tuesday, November 20, 2007

School time

I go through these periods where I do lots of studies, whenever I get hung up on something and realize that I'm not going to find the answer somewhere deep inside my brain. It's like giving up and going back to the manual to be enlightened. Maybe 8 months ago or something I did these color studies from somebody else's good photography. I wish I'd been more careful in drawing these out and made some nice forms so that these were a little bit nicer to look at but I was only really concerned with the color and value dynamics when I did these.

About a month ago I did some horse drawings, just after I finished that sketch I posted a while back with the dude and horse outside the old castle. Some of these were studies and some were drawings of my own using what I learned in the studies. The painted up one started as a lineart study that I went back to and painted from memory/imagination. That right there was confirmation that studies like these are well worth my time. When you feel the information sticking and empowering you to create from your imagination it's like flying. It really is.


Pinflux said...

Lovely studies and some truly inspirational words dude! Thanks :D

Ramses said...

Fantastic art work, Hethe, and the color is awesome!


Great landscapes studies. I use to do some studies too but from motion pictures. A very good exercise