Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Harbinger of Doom

Ya right, by the time you see her coming your way you missed the harbinger and skipped to the doom. Better run. Evening doodle. I think I was inspired by Mignola. I've always liked his work but never purchased any Hellboys. My boss was like, what?, and let me borrow the one where it goes through Hellboy's origin and his faceoff against Rasputin. Good read, very cinematic. I just got back from lunch with some coworkers/bosses. We did the 'jungle cruise' lunch trek today where instead of taking the sidewalk up the street to the deli we cut behind the business park. This route takes us off the beaten and paved path and requires some crawling through bushes and scampering up and down hills. A friend of mine who used to work here used to do it in high heeled boots. She's very multi talented!


Marcos Mateu said...

Very nice! good sense of drama.

alberto mielgo said...

Your blog It's such a great surprise.
The portrait of your Kid is so so so beautifull.

cgyoung said...

Oh wow,..this is a phenominal piece
of art. very nice work. inspiring.

Ramses said...

Cool dark character!

shane said...

don't know how I missed this one earlier but good stuff bro!
can I order one in a bookmark form?
miss ya!

Anonymous said...

I was really impressed by your demo from yesterday. I appreciate you coming to our school. I really love this type of art. I love the concept and visual creativity that you expressed. Very well done.