Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Carnivale of Blood

So like I mentioned a few posts back I got serious about working on my short comic. The script has been finished for just over a year now but the work I did for it back then sucked so bad I ran away like a baby girl. I'm definitely at a better spot this year but it's going to be a rough ride as I push through this. But I'm just being honest. Art isn't easy for me but I sure do love it! Who doesn't like a good challenge? So the short (9 pages) story is titled "Carnaval de la Sangre". I started sketching out my characters and a bit of the world they inhabit two weeks ago. I did pages and pages of sketches for the characters before I got to the look that I'm sharing now. Like pages. Especially the vendor. I struggled bad on him but I'm feeling good about him now. The little girl I didn't do too much work on actually because I'd had this little girl I created as Alice about a year and half ago that I posted way back on my blog that I really needed to use in something. I just loved her but I was never going to do anything with the Alice character. So her design just stemmed from that and was very quick. There is one more character to design but it's not human and will take some work and then there's the world and a few key props and then story design and color comps and so much exciting stuff!! And then the final comic and it will all be done. Most of my fun is in the development of a property so I'll be spending lots of time developing this one before the real comic-y stuff ever gets touched.


Ryan said...

*does a little dance*

Your characters and setting intrigue me.

Sam Nielson said...

I love the vendor character. Great stuff!

Murnen said...

You managed to make me LOL. This work looks like a ton of fun and has real personality.

I am excited to see you push yourself all the way through a complete narrative. I hope you find the stamina to satisfy your creative inspiration.

Viva el Carnival de la Sangre!!!

&Rew said...