Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sewer Sentry

This guy demands a toll to pass through these sewers. Hope you can pay because the alternative is not very pleasant. I'm very busy right now but still working hard and I'll have more sketches to show shortly. I can't wait for the comic con next week! New artbooks!!


Brian said...

He seems friendly enough. . . outstretched hand like he's gonna greet you. . . nice smile. . . wait a second. . . ITS A TRICK!! Get an axe.

Mmm I likes the colors.

Michael said...

really cool man
i wouldnt mind seeing a speed paint vid or something
keep it up!

Ramses said...

Fantastic color and mood! Great art work!

Matthew A said...

I love your style, and I'm going to be ir-grammatical here, alot!! I've looked through your blog and I am thoroughly envious. Do you ever do any artwork outside of the computer... i would so love to see that!