Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ashley Wood Style Swipe

Just as I finished this drawing in my digital sketchbook I decided to swerve into Ashley Wood styling for the finish. I feel a little uncomfortable showing something as influenced as this sketch so just pretend that Mr. Wood did it, with his left hand and while dead drunk (right hand if he's left handed).


Goro said...

Looking nice!
It's funny cause I saved some of your work years ago on my hard drive and now I found your blog.
Nice to see new stuff from you!
keep it up mate!

rusty said...

Youve got some pretty rad stuff on this blog. thank for posting, and ill certainly check back!

cdeboda said...


frak said...


What do you mean by digital sketch book? Like a program? Or like you save them in one location on your compter.

Sorry if this is a stupid question... but I kinda got excited, and sometimes when that happens logic goeso ut the window.

Hethe Srodawa said...

Hey frak,
I keep these large white psd files like gigantic sketch pages and I just doodle all over them instead of having a new psd file for every sketch. It's like a digital sketchbook to me.

frak said...

Awesome!! I may be a biter and try that out. :)
you keep them 300 dpi or just 150?

AM I being too nosey? :D