Thursday, April 12, 2007


My boss inspired these Tarzan sketches I did the other night. Not because he swings around the office in a loin cloth (even though he does) but because he's working on a Tarzan illustration in his spare time. I was really drawn to the challenge of drawing a man swinging through the tree tops in both a dynamic way and also a believable way. What do you do with your legs when you swing like that? Some ape videos on youtube were really helpful.


harshvardhan kadam said...

these sketches are amazing.
i think the film is a real great learning place. its a beautiful example where one sees exaggeration of human anatomy and its dynamism.

keep sketches up.. they are really nice and the digital sketch is really well thought n coloured.

Ryan said...

Hethe, check out what Frankie sent me:

It's Glen Keane speaking at a church!

可可 said...