Friday, April 13, 2007

Spare Time

Here's a page from my digital sketchbook. Unrelated scenes as I let my creativity and hand wander.

And this is another sketch that I did with the intent of painting a slightly different way than I usually do.


Benjamin Plouffe said...

holy shit that first page is VERY NICE!!!.. very nice values and compositions/ shapes.. I love the controlled looseness !!! im a fan!! haha..

BTW sorry ill post new stuff on my site soon. Im at the end of my contract soo its crunch time.

© said...

beautifuL work, Hethe! haven't seen or heard fROM your a$$ in a whiLe. good to kNOw your site has been updated. Looking Good, mister. LookiNG REAL good. =)

--thank u for stopping by. i've missed u.


&Rew said...

love the thumbs kid. keep em comin, i'll be looking forward to some dope illustrations in your near future. ;-)


Ryan Wood said...

Stunning work here, man! Love the B&W stuff.

Richard Gaines said...

Your stuff boggles my mind! What really killed me were the anatomical gestures. You have such a mastery of anatomy and design. It only reminds me that I need to go back to life drawing lab!

Reagan said...

Hethe, you're so freaking rad I could just eat my foot.

kory said...

Great Dreamy yet Cinematic quality to these.
Might I suggest you pick a favorite and take it further. I would like to see that.

keep up the fantastic work

Anonymous said...

wow, is the top illustration thumbnails related to scenes inspired by Philips Pullamns ''His Dark Materials'' - The Amber Spyglass?