Monday, January 15, 2007


A little over a year ago the company I was at was in the process of folding and I ended up needing to find work fast. So, like every artist looking for work I put together a web page. Now, making a web page wasn't a new thing for me. Before I was a concept artist I was a graphic designer for the first two years out of school and in those two years I redesigned my web site five times and each time I spent lots and lots of time designing it. I always saw my web page as something very personal and it took a while to find the design I was happy with. Part of my transition to becoming a full time illustrator/concept artist was having to push the graphic design work out of my life because I just didn't have the time to do both. I knew that if I wanted to get good at drawing I was going to have to really really focus on it. I still have my last designed portfolio site up on my domain but it's been stuck up in the attic (old portfolio). I guess I keep it live as a sort of last testament to that old life. Nobody ever sees it but taking it down just feels sad to me. While sites like this got me more graphic design work there was no end to the illustrators complaining that they wanted bigger images and were sick of fancy sites that were hard to navigate. So, when I found myself in need of work again and needing a new web page that marketed myself as a concept artist I decided to keep it simple this time. Very simple. The idea was to just get my illustrations in front of art directors and show them off as big as I could on the web without being disgusting about it. The only other thing I needed on the site was a way to contact me since every time I sent this site out to an art director it was accompanied by my resume which told them everything they needed to know about me. It came to my attention recently that a small group of people outside of the industry I work in are looking at my work and are confused by what they see, since I offer no explanation on my webpage. So for anybody outside of the entertainment industry or just unfamiliar with this type of work, my portfolio is an odd assortment of concept designs I've done for the video game and film industries. Someone in my position is expected to quickly generate things like character designs, environment designs, creature designs etc. I do a lot of sketching and most of the work I do you would never call 'finished' as far as illustration goes. But that's my job. It's more about the idea, the design, the mood, the color, the light. Once that's there it is finished as far as concept design goes. It's a fun field to work in and suits me perfectly. At least for now. It was the perfect way to marry my desire to illustrate and design. So anyway, that's what you're seeing on my site.

These sketches up top were done about a year ago when I was playing around with an Alice and Wonderland concept in my spare time.


dustin said...

glad you finally got a blog up, been loving your stuff for a while!

&Rew said...

j_zuz hethe, all those words hurt my eyes. though i do love to hear a tale from an old pirate's chest.

glad you ended up at rockstar before some snooty stuck-up a$5#ole stole the position.


Enrique Fernandez said...

Apart of the great works shown here and on your site, this is one that I like much for it´s beautifully designed clothes, and the "weird" mood about it.

Anonymous said...

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