Sunday, December 31, 2006


There's an incredible power in solitude. That empty silence. No distractions. Where you can feel the creator breathing slowly in your face, his breath sustaining your fragile existence. These moments are too few or perhaps it's too bad that I'm so easily distracted. Oh but the breath, like sunlight on cool skin where you feel your body suck it up like a dry sponge touched by water.

These little sketches I did got me thinking along those lines tonight as I sit here in stillness after the family has all gone to bed. I'm tired though and I think it's time to join them. See you in slumberland.


Brian said...

Oh you know I'll meet you in slumberland. . .

Teddy the Labradoodle said...

I just found your blog, Mr. pirate G-funktified! You never called me, Mr. busy-new-dad-with-new-house! :)

Brian P.

=^._.^=Gérard said...


Very fine and original artwork.

I love very much !!!!!

My best wishes for the coming year 2007.



Benjamin said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog man. Long time no talk. Hope all is well with the family. I wish i knew you had a blog early. I would have linked you sooner. Looking forward to your new stuff. POst more. I love this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Nice coloring! As I said, your art makes people think, as so does your writing, jeje. But solitude is not so bad if you have family.

Kenfield said...

Hey Hethe!

My wife and I are really excited to see that you now have a blog!! You don't really know me but I'm good friends with Frankie Franco and my wife Katie (maiden name Cunningham) was in your dorm Sigma Chi. She remembers you and your drawings.
All the best!


Serg said...

Really cool work you have here.
I love the peaces on you site.. keep up the good work..

dave said...

came back to check out your portfolio today and discovered you had started a blog. a very fortunate discovery. hope you keep it up; i look forward to seeing what is next.

i came across your work when Veerle featured you a few months back... your work blew my mind (still does) and is a great inspiration. i hope one day to possess such mastery of the craft!

frak said...

Wow that was really beautiful, and some very cool insight.
I bet you are what I call an "intuative" artist, opiosed to a "techinal" one. Not that you dont draw techincally correct... I hope you understand what I mean...I have an uncanny ability of sticking my foot in my mouth.

Jeff Friedberg, ex p. i. said...

As an author of modern urban fantasy novels, i found your site and work fascinating--the drawings at times border on the marvelous--inspired, but in the ancient mystic sense of the word.

Anonymous said...