Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nazi Witch

This is a real rough concept from about a year and a half ago, maybe a little longer. It was for one of the many original properties we were working on at Brain Tangent. I thought that I was going to finish it sometime for myself but a lots happened since then and it's just so old now that I'd rather just keep moving forward. That job was an interesting experience. I really got to try my pencil on a variety of projects and styles. Lots of fun and it really helps you grow. Very different than where I am now, working on the same thing for over a year with longer to go. Both situations taught me such different things. There's something so rewarding about really fleshing out a project, spending lots and lots of time on it. I find it very enjoyable right now.


Corinne Quinones said...
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Corinne Quinones said...

Very beautiful. You can make something deemed horrible into something very beautiful. I think many artists find that hard to do. This came out flawless. Very well done. I like your risk and I respect that.