Tuesday, December 26, 2006


This concept is from one of my stories. It's a story I haven't worked on for a while now. I've been busy with another one, one that is much further along. It's late and I don't know what else to write. I wanted to get up another sketch tonight so I stayed up a little to post this. Midnight is really late for me anymore. That's what happens when you get old I hear. That reminds me, I saw Lady in the Water recently and I have to say I loved it despite expecting to absolutely hate it. That sort of happened with his last movie The Village. While I didn't love it I did like it and was convinced before seeing it that it would be a drudgery of a film. Lady in the Water is my favorite film by Shyamalan. He'd abandoned his Sixth Sense formula finally and told the type of story that I really appreciate, a fantasy with a practical message (that I personally found inspiring). I would agree with many critics that playing the writer in his film wasn't the best choice. All the other characters in the apartment were incredibly unique and quirky but the writer was a bit of a let down when you think of what the character could've been like. Now I don't know him or his intentions but him playing the part felt a bit presumptuous, but that could just be me. In the end though it wasn't a big distraction.


.n. said...

Shyamalan has a cameo in every movie he makes. It's usually pretty low key which winds up working out in his favor since he isn't the greatest actor.

They were playing "Lady in the Water" on my way home from China but I couldn't hear it that well so gave up in favor of better circumstances.

I generaly like Shyamalan's work actually. This seemingly flying in the face of most critics.

Hethe Srodawa said...

Nate Dawg! Huh, I didn't know that about his cameos. I remember you saying you like his work. You should definately sit down and watch this one properly when you get the chance. I think he gets knocked the most for sticking to a somewhat redundant formula, which for someone who shocked most viewers with his first film is the last thing he should be doing if he wanted to keep his audience growing. But to each their own. Every artist has to make what they feel inspired to make.

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